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5 Ideas For Throwing A Frozen Themed Party

Frozen Disney

5 Ideas For Throwing A Frozen Themed Party



You may just have heard about a certain Disney film called ‘Frozen’ and the story of sisters Anna and Elsa is one that little girls across the world have been talking about for months … and it’s popularity seems to show no signs of waning. The phenomenon continues online with YouTube memes, grown-ups filming themselves singing along to the songs and, of course, themed parties.


The idea of a themed Frozen party continues to grow in popularity – we’re talking party banners, character costumes, even themed birthday cakes, but a themed Frozen party seems to have become popular beyond anyone’s (particularly Disney’s) imagination. So here are our top 5 ideas for throwing a fantastic Frozen themed birthday party:


1. Costumes

Finding an Elsa costume to buy in the shops has been difficult for lots of parents but it is always worth checking out sites such as eBay and Amazon, as well as the more popular stores, to see if you can find an outfit. Some parents have resorted to making their own and a great source of inspiration for how to make Disney costumes is Pinterest, with plenty of boards sharing pattern ideas, instructions on how to sew the cape and an endless array of photos.

2.  Food

Most reputable cake-makers will have been inundated with requests for Frozen themed birthday cakes by now but you could, of course, make your own. Supermarkets stock coloured icing but you may need to search online for Frozen accessories and edible glitter. Again, Pinterest is a great source for ideas on how to make your own cake, but also check YouTube out for cake tutorials. Other great ideas for party food are coloured cake pops, popcorn and snowmen made out of marshmallows or marshmallow snowballs, and if you stick to the colour palette of white, pink, purple and blue you won’t go wrong.

3. Games

You can adapt most party games to the Frozen theme, for example, think ‘Pin the Nose on Olaf’ or ‘Search for Elsa’s Glove’. You could perhaps put Frozen related presents inside a ‘Pass the Parcel’ present, but any game should go down well with children.

4. Party Decorations

Think winter decorations, snowflakes, snowmen, reindeers and birthday banners, and flashing party banners especially, would make a great addition. Again, try and stick to the colour palette you’re using – we found some great decorations to buy on Etsy.

5. Party Bags

There are specialist companies online that sell ‘party packs’ that include themed party bags – most in bright pink and turquoise, but also try your local supermarket. As far as party bag contents go, sweets will always go down well but maybe add a wand, hair bands and stickers. A nice alternative could be a personalised mug with a hot chocolate sachet and marshmallows and sprinkles for them to make when they’re home.   We hope we’ve given you some great ideas for a Frozen themed birthday party – have a great time!  And don’t forget, for your flashing birthday banner requirements, please contact our Sales Department on either:


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