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Christmas table decorations

How to Dress the Perfect Christmas Table

  If you’re anything like me, once Bonfire Night and Halloween have been and gone, you know Christmas is just on the horizon … and I couldn’t be any more excited! We talked before about decorating your living for Christmas but one of the things I take great pride in is ensuring that the Christmas decorations on the dining table look fantastic. Here are a few ways in which you can...

How to Decorate your Living Room at Christmas

  It’s hard to believe that there are only a couple of months until Christmas – yes, it’s really come round quick hasn’t it?  We all know that Christmas takes a little organising and a lot of saving up, but come Christmas Day, isn’t it worth it to see the looks on your loved ones’ faces? If you’re playing host this year, here are a few ideas of how to decorate your living...

Flashing Party banners for Great Garden Party

How to Throw a Great Summer Garden Party

    Summer can be a great time to throw a party, whether it’s for your children’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary or a friend’s engagement … there’s always a great excuse to throw a party! Even though the weather in the UK can be somewhat … unpredictable, it’s always lovely to have that extra space in a garden to party in! So don’t despair, read on for some...

Frozen Disney

5 Ideas For Throwing A Frozen Themed Party

    You may just have heard about a certain Disney film called ‘Frozen’ and the story of sisters Anna and Elsa is one that little girls across the world have been talking about for months … and it’s popularity seems to show no signs of waning. The phenomenon continues online with YouTube memes, grown-ups filming themselves singing along to the songs and, of course, themed p...

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