Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween Party Ideas


October might seem like a long way away but before you know it the children will be back at school, the nights will be drawing in, the central heating will be on and it will be time for Halloween.

Although originally a celebration originating from America, Halloween (or All Hallows’ Eve), has crossed the Atlantic and been celebrated in the UK since the late 20th century.  So come 31st October, let your imagination run wild with a frightening feast and ghoulish games that will have your children screaming with delight!


Scary Outfits

Getting dressed up in scary outfits is a big part of Halloween and is a great excuse for adults to get dressed up too, as well as the children.  You could push the boat out and hire a costume from a fancy dress shop, or if you’re thinking mid-range prices there are lots of outfits available on the High Street.  Check out Pinterest for great outfit ideas.  Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, you could make your own outfit at home.

Think bat wings made from old umbrellas, painting your face white with ‘blood’ dripping down your mouth (Dracula), or wear a button down black blouse, put your hair in plaits and sulk a lot – an instant Wednesday Addams!

Failing that, you could always resort to wrapping toilet tissue around you and going as a mummy!



If you’re going to throw a Halloween party at home or in a hall, make sure you set aside some time to ensure you have set the scene with some great  Halloween Party Decorations.

We have a great selection of Flashing Happy Halloween Banners, which will add a spooky element, especially when the lights are dimmed.  They only cost £5.99 each, and our Halloween Party Banners come in green and white and they will definitely ensure the Halloween party atmosphere is really eerie.

You could cut out trees, witches and skeletons from black cardboard and stick them to the walls or make ghosts from old, white sheets you may have lying around – the expense doesn’t have to be great, but once you add some mysterious lighting it will all come together.

Don’t forget the cobwebs!


Ghoulish Games

When it comes to a Halloween party, bobbing for apples is one of the most popular, but there are plenty of other games to play.

Another great game to play is Dress the Mummy.  Split your party into two groups and give them a substantial supply of toilet paper.  The object of the game is to try and turn one of the group into a mummy by wrapping them entirely in the toilet roll!  Prizes go to the quickest or the best attempt.

And if the children (or adults!) are getting a little too excited, why not play Sleeping Monsters.  Everyone (the ‘monsters’) lies down on the floor and when somebody moves, they’re out!


Terrifying Treats

As with our suggestions when throwing a Frozen Themed Party, it’s a good idea to theme your food and drink to the occasion.

Recipes for traditional Halloween food such as Toffee Apples and Irish Barmbrack (Irish Halloween Cake) can readily be found on the internet but we’ve listed two of our favourites below:

Toffee Apples

Irish Barmbrack

Not everyone has access to dry ice of course, but Halloween is the perfect occasion for perfecting your Zombie Punch or Love At First Bite!  You could think about serving your cocktails in a hollowed out pumpkin or big, glass bowl surrounded by jellied worms and candles.

The children can help with biscuit making (maybe in the shape of a bat and iced orange and black?) or use a gingerbread man cookie cutter and ice him white to make a ghost or skeleton.


Pumpkin Carving

And finally, a carved pumpkin (or three) is a must.  Keep it simple by just cutting out eyes, nose and mouth or, do a little research and try something a little more complicated.  Check these out!



Halloween Banners - Halloween Party Decorations



Happy Halloween Banners - Halloween Party Decorations

You can’t have a Halloween party without them!


So have fun, go trick or treating and be prepared for the sugar rush!


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