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How to Decorate your Living Room at Christmas

How to Decorate your Living Room at Christmas


It’s hard to believe that there are only a couple of months until Christmas – yes, it’s really come round quick hasn’t it?  We all know that Christmas takes a little organising and a lot of saving up, but come Christmas Day, isn’t it worth it to see the looks on your loved ones’ faces?

If you’re playing host this year, here are a few ideas of how to decorate your living room so that you can all enter into the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Tree

Of course, it goes without saying that a Christmas tree is the number one purchase for decorating your lounge.  It takes pride of place, and is the centre piece for everything else.  If you’re not a fan of a real trees, (as lovely as they are, there’s no getting away from the fact they do shed a lot of their needles), you’ll be pleased to know that face trees really have come a long way and are no longer artificial horrors!  In fact, some artificial trees are so good now that they look like the real thing.  Don’t forget your decorations – including the 100’s your children bring home from school!

Christmas Cards

Another lovely decoration idea, and a practical one too, is finding a way to hang your Christmas cards that is both great to look at and practical.  One idea, if you’re feeling particularly crafty, is to cover some strips of organza in holly and attach the cards to the strips – you can then hang the strips over your doors (or anywhere) … you could even add fairy lights to light up the whole decoration.

Christmas Banners

Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in, imagine your room all cosy and dark with only a few lights glimmering around the room.

Our Christmas banners do exactly that – for only a few pounds, you can add banners around the room, turn the LED lights on and you have a subtle lighting effect that is very unique.  The great thing is, you can use this over and over again so they’re fantastic value for money.


If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece above a fire in your living room, then this is the perfect place to decorate.  Not only can you hang your Christmas stockings from the mantelpiece, but add fairly lights interwoven amongst fresh holly and berries, or maybe have some tea lights lit in beautiful glass lanterns.  You could even make this the place you highlight that special piece of artwork your child has brought home from school.  Either way, be bold and light it all up with some form of lighting.

Table Decorations

The department stores all have their Christmas decorations on sale now and it’s a great idea to browse through catalogues (online or real life) to get a feel for what’s in fashion this year.  There is normally a trend with colour schemes and centre pieces but often, if you didn’t want to pay top end prices, you could take those ideas and just shop smartly by seeing if you can find something similar in your local Poundland or, even better, make something yourself.

However you decide to decorate your living room, we are sure it will look fantastic!

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