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How to Throw a Great Summer Garden Party

Flashing Party banners for Great Garden Party

How to Throw a Great Summer Garden Party



Summer can be a great time to throw a party, whether it’s for your children’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary or a friend’s engagement … there’s always a great excuse to throw a party! Even though the weather in the UK can be somewhat … unpredictable, it’s always lovely to have that extra space in a garden to party in!

So don’t despair, read on for some great ideas of how to throw a great garden party with some great tips on party decorations and more…



A pretty floral bunting is perfect for most occasions, and can add a real vintage tea party look to any garden party. The pieces of bunting can be easily tied together to make any length you require and they can, of course, be used time and time again for future gatherings.


If you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, a great way to brighten up your garden ready for your party is by decorating it with flashing birthday banners. We have our best selling personalised party banners in ages from 1-100 so whatever age the birthday girl or boy is, whether it’s 3, 33 or 99, we’ve got it covered … and all for £5.49 at the moment (including free delivery)! Once you have your party banners … pin them along the fence panels down the garden. Not only will they add a great party atmosphere to the garden but, once the sun starts to set, you can switch on the banners so that they start flashing. Trust us, they will look amazing!


There is so much to choose from when thinking about how to light your garden. From string lights, solar lights and candles … to sturdier, longer lasting built-in LED lights, the choice is immense. Think about lighting your garden in ‘zones’ … for example, any steps you have could be lit up and perhaps wrap string lights around any bushes or trees. Candles and holders can be bought absolutely anywhere but try and buy citronella candles as these repel any nasty insects trying to spoil the fun. A great website for all your garden party lighting is NotOnTheHighStreet.com and don’t forget to check out Pinterest for other ideas.


Informal seating is best for garden parties and people will appreciate being able to chill out on garden beanbags, blankets and cushions. Don’t worry too much about a formal table and chairs setting … as long as there are enough tables for food and drink!


You can’t go wrong with a BBQ but that does mean nominating someone to be in charge of cooking all night! Alternatively, how about a selection of hot and cold finger food – spicy chicken wings, lamb kebabs, flatbreads, simple salads, dips (not forgetting any vegetarian guests) … you won’t go far wrong. No-one wants to be slaving over a hot stove all evening so think quick, simple and easy to prepare. Check out Jamie Oliver’s website for some great recipes.


There’s nothing quite like a tall, cold glass of Pimms on a hot Summer’s day and a party is the best excuse to make a big jug of it! But don’t forget the teetollers and children too and perhaps make virgin cocktails that the children can help in preparing.

So the garden is decorated, the food and drink prepared, all you need to do now is enjoy yourself!

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